"Cinderella's Sewing Book"

Quite possibly, the very 1st accessory item may have been the Sewing Book from "Cinderella." The sewing book was originally made of porcelain and produced solely as a 'dealer prop' for the Birds & Mice scene. Collectors took to this piece, and Walt Disney Classics Collection released a non-porcelain version.  It was retired in August, 1994.

SRP of $69.00US.

Toy Creations"

Geppetto's Toy Hutch was the first Accessory Item to be released by the Walt Disney Classics Collection from the animated classic, "Pinocchio".  This exquisite (and popular amongst collectors) piece was released in the latter part of 1998 and only produced until the end of that year.

The Toy Hutch is scaled to work very well with the Geppetto piece from the Pinocchio Scene.

Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons - SRP $125.00US.

"The Enchanted Rose"

Following the release of Geppetto's Toy Hutch, was the Enchanted Rose Table from "Beauty and The Beast".

The Rose Table works very with the Dancing Belle and Beast, Holiday Princess Belle and the Beast sculpture.  It has become one of the most sought after of the accessory items released to date.

Dealers were notified on June 13, 2001 of the retirement of "The Enchanted Rose" table introduced in January, 1999.

Sculpted by Valerie Edwards  - SRP of $100.00US.

"Spinning an Evil Spell"

At the Rosemont Show in 2000, the Spinning Wheel from "Sleeping Beauty" was unveiled and released in the Fall of 2000.

The Spinning Wheel can be used with the Maleficent Event Sculpture or part of the Sleeping Beauty Scene.

The Spinning Wheel was honored with retirement as part of the retirement of the three (3) Fairies from "Sleeping Beauty" during the Walt Disney Art Classics Convention held in Anaheim, CA in April, 2002. Though not 'officially' retired at the Convention, it was retired as a 'dry retirement' since WDAC is completely out of stock at their warehouse.

Sculpted by Valerie Edwards - SRP of $65.00US.

"Dreaming of a Great Wide Somewhere"
Fountain Accessory

The Fountain Accessory was part of the Dreaming of a Great Wide Somewhere Scene featuring the Event Belle Sculpture. The Event period ran from March 3-31, 2001. This is the second accessory item released from "Beauty and The Beast."  Gaston and Lefou were released in May, 2001 and were a time limited release with only being produced in 2001.

The Fountain complimented the Belle Event piece and was a purchase with purchase. With your purchase of the Belle Event piece, you had the opportunity to purchase the Fountain Acessory.

Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons - SRP of $50.00US.

"Jolly Holidays"
Table & Chairs Accessory

The 3-piece Table & Chairs set (pictured at left) was released in May, 2001 as part of "Jolly Holiday" sequence from "Mary Poppins". The table & chairs set are made of resin, plastic and metal.

The Table & Chairs accessory item was retired with the Jolly Holidays Scene at the Disneyana Convention held at Walt Disney World in August, 2002.

SRP of $85.00US.

"The Dwarfs Hearth"

This exquisitely sculpted resin piece captures the Old World charm of Walt Disney's first full-length feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".  This accessory item was released in October, 2001.

This accessory item can be used with both the current
Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's Scene or with "Soup's On!" from the Signature Series.

Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons - SRP of $95.00US.

"Jack Skellington's Gate"

Collectors of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" series will definitely want this incredibly detailed piece as a backdrop to the Nightmare Before Christmas Scene. Released in August 2002, Jack Skellington's Gate features pewter gates with bronze hinges, as well as metal cats atop the stony fenceposts.

Sculpted by Larry Nikolai - SRP of $85.00US.

"Tea is Served"
(Lady Tremaine's Table)

In honor of Cinderella's 50th Anniversary in February 2000, the Slipper Scene from "Cinderella" was released.  In November 2002, Walt Disney Art Classics released Lady Tremaine's Table. Collectors will find this charming accessory item as the perfect compliment to the 'Cinderella' scene featuring Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, the Stepsisters, Grand Duke and the Footman.

Sculpted by Valerie Edwards - SRP of $95.00US.

"Zero's Dog House"

Zero's creepily charming dog house is the perfectly spooky accompaniment to the other "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Sculptures.  Zero's Dog House is the second accessory item to be released from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Sculpted by Larry Nikolai - SRP of $59.00US.

"Cinderella's Dress Mannequin"

With no time to make a gown, Cinderella has given up on her dreams of the Royal Ball. But now the overworked scullery maid is overjoyed with the lovely dress the mice and birds have created for her. The heartwarming Dress Making Scene from Walt Disney's beloved animated classic would not be complete without the charming dress form.

Sculpted by Chris Peterson - SRP of $99.00US.

Tank Tiki Hut Accessory

In December 2006, the Walt Disney Classics Collection introduced the Tank Gang from Disney/Pixar's 'Finding Nemo' introducing Gill, Bubbles and Bloat. The Tank Tiki Hut adds a touch of kitschy class to this scene.

SRP of $50.00US.

Tank Tiki Heads Accessory

In December 2006, the Walt Disney Classics Collection introduced the Tank Gang from Disney/Pixar's 'Finding Nemo' introducing Gill, Bubbles and Bloat. The Tank Tiki Heads adds a touch of kitschy class to this scene.

SRP of $50.00US.


After the release of Cinderella's Sewing Book, and prior to Geppetto's Toy Hutch in 1998, Walt Disney Art Classics released two sculptures containing an accessory item. The first being Grumpy with the Organ Accessory item which is part of the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" that is currently an open edition release.

The organ is made of resin, intricately carved with woodland creatures-rabbits support organ and race across front, squirrels fill each end. The carved organ pipes resemble totems and feature frogs, owls, fish, rabbits and a baby bird in its nest.

Sculpted by Kent Melton - SRP $180.00US.


The second sculpture release was Lucky with TV from "101 Dalmatians." This sculpture/accessory set was released in 1996 and then retired in October, 1999.

The televsion is a separate resin piece with decal of Lucky's favorite TV personality, Thunderbolt. The book, pipe, ashtray and tobacco pouch (on top of TV) are all made of metal. Note: Early Dealer Display televsions, the picture of Thunderbolt is done in sepia tones. Later releases were gray and white.

Sculpted by Chris Peterson - SRP of $150.00US.

"Oh Mighty Evil One"

The second release in the Villains Series featured Jafar, as a stand alone sculpture, with an accessory item included - the brick pedestal holding Jafar's hourglass. The hourglass is made of hand blown glass with red and gold-painted cobras atop the brick pedestal.

Sculpted by Cliff Jackson - SRP of $395.00US.

"Hooray for the Holidays!"

This three piece sculpture set is black and white, capturing the classic look and fun elegance of the original film which was never colorized.

The boxed set is a matched, numbered, limited edition of 5,000 pieces consisting of Mickey, Minnie and the Christmas Tree accessory item. Ornaments come in a separate box so you can decorate the tree. Packaged in a gold box vs. the standard green box.

Sculpted by Dusty Horner - SRP of $375.00US.

"At Home for Christmas"

Tramp with Tree is the first in the new Lady and The Tramp Christmas Series. This boxed set featured Tramp and the Christmas Tree Accessory item. This the second time a Christmas Tree was included as an accessory item.  

As with "Hooray for the Holidays!" the ornaments, decorated with colored metallic paint, come in separate packaging so you can decorate the tree.

Production limited to the year 2001.

Sculpted by Dusty Horner - SRP of $375.00US.

"We are Siamese If You Please"
& "We are Siamese If You Don't Please"

In the year 2000, Walt Disney Art Classics introduced the Duos Series.  Si and Am are the third sculpture set in the series and the first in the series to come packaged with an accessory item (birdcage pictured at left).

The Birdcage has a bronze pole, brass cage, brass swing and resin pour in bird's water dish. 

Limited to production in 2002.

Sculpted by Chris Peterson - SRP of $195.00US.

"You Will Make Lots Of Money For Me"

Stromboli became the second in the Villains Series where the Villain was not part of the setting, but a stand alone figurine, with an accessory item included. This boxed set included the table, made of resin and plussed with pewter, butter knife, spoon and ax handle and metal pepper stem.

Sculpted by Dusty Horner - SRP of $395.00US.

"Accompaniment to Betrayal"

As with the 2002 Villains Release release, the 2003 release includes this year's featured Villain as a stand alone sculpture and included is an accessory item.  This year's release includes Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, depicting the scene in which heartbroken Tink is tricked into betraying her beloved Peter, along with the Piano accessory item.

The Piano is made of porcelain and comes with pewter finials.

Sculpted by Bruce Lau - SRP of $399.00US.

"Evil to the Core"

The 2004 Villains Series features the Hag from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and depicts the scene of the Hag at her cauldron 'poisoning' the apple.  The set includes the Hag along with the cauldron and the bookstand accessory items to complete the scene.

The Cauldron and Bookstand (with "Poisoned Apple" recipe) are made of porcelain, pewter and bronze inkwells on the table and the apple is made of pewter on a metal string.

Sculpted by Chris Peterson - SRP of $299.00US.