Size: Captain Hook 7", Piano 7", Tinker Bell 5-3/4"
Item Number: 1225775
  • Captain Hook's Hook & Mustache: Metal.
  • Piano Finials: Pewter.
  • Tinker Bell: Bronze.
  • Barrel Spigot: Pewter.
  • Piano Top: Lifts to reveal one of Mr. Smee's bottles inside.
Production Changes:  None.
  • Walt Disney Collectors Society Members Only release-Villains Series for 2003.

  • Available to Society members by Special Order with Redemption Certificate from 05/15/03 thru 09/30/03.
  • Edition closed 09/30/03.
  • The 2003 addition to the ever-popular Disney Villains Series is sailing in for a limited time only for the '50th Anniversary' of "Peter Pan."

Captain Hook's Piano

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