Characters: Si, Am and Birdcage
Title: We are Siamese If You Please (Si) & We are Siamese If You Don't Please (Am)
Size:  3-3/4" (Si); 3-1/2" (Am); 10" Birdcage)
Item Number: 11K-46210-0 (Old)/1217953 (Current)
Sculptor: Chris Peterson
  • Pole: Bronze.
  • Cage and Swing: Brass.
  • Bird's water dish: Resin pour.
  • Whiskers: Special whiskers.
Production Changes:  None.
  • Si & Am are the fourth sculpture set in the Walt Disney Disney Duo Series.
  • Set also came packaged with Birdcage accessory item.
  • Limited to production in 2002.

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