Character: Pocahontas
Title: Listen With Your Heart
Size: 6-1/2"
Item Number: 11K-41098-0 (Old)/1028585 (Current)
Sculptor: Gwen Dutcher
  • Compass: Gold paint highlights John Smith's compass held by Pocahontas.
  • Flit: Bronze miniature Flit perches on Pocahontas' windblown hair.
  • Backstamp: Includes special Tribute Series logo.
Production Changes: 
  • Prototypes were shipped to retailers. Prototypes have thinner bases and are marked "pre-production" (see below).
  • Second release in the Tribute Series.

  • Non-Walt Disney Collectors Society Release ordered through special redemption form.  Window for ordering was 03/01/96 thru 05/31/96.

Pocahontas Dealer Display Prototype