Character: Mulan
Title: Honorable Decision
Size: 6"
Item Number:
  • Regular Release:         11K-41374-0 (Old)/1028789 (Current)
  • Castmember Version:  11K-41460-0 (Old)/1201747 (Current)
Sculptor: Bruce Lau
  • Sword: Pewter.
  • Backstamp: Includes special Tribute Series logo.
Production Changes: None.
  • Fifth (and final) release in the Tribute Series.

  • Non-Walt Disney Collectors Society Release ordered through special redemption form.  Window for ordering was 03/01/99 thru 05/31/99.

  • A certain amount of production had a special "Cast Member" backstamp. There was a total of 4,304 Mulan pieces created for collectors, and 704 pieces commissioned by Disney Cast Members as part of a special offer commemorating their role in the creation of the beautiful and inspiring film.