Size: 8-1/4"
Item Number: 11K41039-0 (Old)/1028526 (Current)
  • Snarl: A special acrylic clear glaze coating enhances Wolf's devious expression and forms a pool of drool on the ground.

  • Anniversary Backstamp: A special gold script message '60th Anniversary' was added to backstamp of sculptures crafted in 1993.

  • Of Special Note: Higher numbers were crafted first.

Production Changes:
  • Teeth: Enlarged to intensify snarl.  Drool changed from milky and bubbly to clear.

  • Grass: Out-of-scale grass texture made subtler.

  • Left Suspender Strap: Detail increased.

  • Base: Increased in size and bottom flattened for backstamp application ease.

  • Four Distinct Versions:

    1. Short, straight teeth and hollow core base that looks like Friend Owl base.

    2. Short, straight teeth and flat bottom base with reinforcement bar across bottom to prevent shrinkage.

    3. Short, curved teeth.

    4. Long, curved teeth.

  • Status: Limited Edition 7,500 Hand-numbered pieces.  Closed 06/94.

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