Characters: Auctioneer and Redhead
Title: We Wants the Redhead!
Size: 9-1/4" (Auctioneer); 8-3/4" (Redhead)
Item Number:
  • Regular Backstamp: 4006684
  • Special Event Backstamp: 4008834
Sculptor: Tim Bruckner


  • Earring: Brass.
  • Sword: Pewter.
  • Chain & Medallion: Pewter.
  • Gemstone: Red glass.
  • Whip Handle: Pewter.
  • Strap: Leather.


  • Dress: Opalescent paint.
  • Bodice Bow, Hair & Hat: Pewter elements.
Production Changes: None.
  • Third release in a series of sculptures based on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
  • The Auctioneer and Redhead will be released May 22-25, 2007 during at Walt Disney World® Resort during the Pirates of the Caribbean: Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon special event.
  • The series will include sculptures based on several vignettes from the original attraction (not from the 2006 redress featuring representations from the live action films). The series of sculptures will release exclusively at the Disney Theme Parks.
  • Auctioneer and Redhead sold as a set.
  • 500 sculptures will debut at the event with a special event backstamp.  The remaining edition will be available with the special Pirates of the Caribbean backstamp.  Both backstamps pictured below.