Character: Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo
Title: Baby of Mine
Size: 5-1/2"
Item Number: 11K-46102-0 (Old)/1215512 (Current)
Sculptor: Patrick Romandy-Simmons
  • Hat & Jacket: Gold metallic paint highlights on both.

  • Tail: Metal.

Production Changes: None.
  • 2001 WDCS Animators Choice release. Was available 01/01/01 to 03/31/02 with Society Redemption Certificate.
  • The 2001 Animator's Choice honors veteran animator Vladimir "Bill" Tytla. While not technically one of the "Nine Old Men", Bill Tytla is considered to be one of the true Pioneers of Disney Animation, whom the Animators' Choice honors.
  • Edition closed 03/31/02.
Additional Member Benefits:

  • The lithograph (at left) featuring model sheet sketches of Dumbo & Mrs. Jumbo came packaged with the sculpture.