Character: Snow White
Title: Won't You Smile For Me?
Size: 4-3/4"
Item Number: 1217924
Sculptor: Dusty Horner
Plussing: None.
Production Changes: None.
  • This year's membership gift captures the lovely princess as she comforts a little bluebird alone in the forest. It's the first time a princess has ever been featured as the Membership Gift sculpture, and she is symbolic of all the wonderful Disney films that began with this beloved character.
  • Snow White was the Member Gift Sculpture for those collectors who joined the Walt Disney Collectors Society and/or renewed in calendar year 2002.
  • Edition closed 12/31/02.
Additional Member Benefits:

  • A fine art print (at left) of the original animation drawing that inspired this year's Walt Disney Collectors Society sculpture was sent to collectors upon processing of a new membership and/or renewal.

  • Cloisonné Membership pin (pictured at left) and personalized Membership Card.