Size: Tinker Bell: 6-3/4", Mirror: 10"
Item Number: 11K-41366-0 (Old)/1028786 (Current)
  • Mirror: Real mirror with pewter rim.

  • Tinker Bell's Feet: Made of bronze.

  • Wings: Opalescent paint is used to create a shimmery look.

Production Changes:  None.
  • 1999 WDCS Animators Choice release. Was available 01/01/99 to 04/30/00 with Society Redemption Certificate.

  • This is the first in a new grouping from the favorite film moments of Walt Disney's original team of animators, "The Nine Old Men." This sculpture honors Marc Davis.

  • Tinker Bell is created as a completely separate piece from the mirror she stands upon. Figurine ships in two pieces to reduce breakage.

  • Edition closed 04/30/00.

Additional Member Benefits:

  • The lithograph (at left) featuring model sheet sketches of Tinker Bell came packaged with the sculpture.