Size: Alice 7"; Queen of Hearts 7"; King of Hearts 4-1/2"; Card Painter 5"
Item Number (Convention/Gold Circle Release):
  • Alice: 11K-41441-0 (Old)/1201685 (Current)
  • Queen of Hearts: 11K-41443-0 (Old)/1201687 (Current)
  • King of Hearts: 11K-41442-0 (Old)/1201686 (Current)
  • Card Painter: 11K-41454-0 (Old)/1201688 (Current)
  • Special Commemorative Backstamp: Approximately 125 pieces with the Special Backstamp message 'Celebrating The Classics March 1999' were sold at the First Walt Disney Art Classics Convention, 03/19/99-03/21/99 in Orlando, FL.

Production Changes: None.
  • Special Note: WDAC created 500 special backstamped Alice in Wonderland sets (Alice, King & Queen of Hearts and the Playing Card) in total (125 sets were available at Walt Disney World/Walt Disney Art Classics mini convention with an additional two(2) sets per available to Gold Circle dealers who wished to order them to bring the total to the 500 sets) PLUS 25 Artist Proof sets.