Size: Coach - 10-3/4" high x 30" long x 12" wide; Cinderella - 7-3/4" high; Footman - 5" high
Item Number: 11K-46120-0 (Old)/1215509 (Current)
  • Carriage supports and wheels: Made of bronze.

  • Reins: Gold chain.

  • Horses & Coach: Gold paint.

  • Coach Door: Opens.

  • Footman' hair: Metal hair.

  • Cinderella, Coach and Horses' plumes: Painted with opalescent paint.

Production Changes: None.

  • This beautiful sculpture set is a matched-numbered, limited-edition set of 1,000. The set includes three sculptures, Cinderella's Coach complete with horse and driver, the footman and Cinderella herself.

  • Cinderella and her pumpkin coach is the second sculpture in the Walt Disney Classics Collection's exclusive Signature Series.

  • The sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and two signature cards, one signed by the sculptor (Dusty Horner) and the other signed by the original voice of Cinderella (Ilene Woods).