Size: 6-3/5"
Item Number: 11K-41024-0 (Old)/1028511 (Current)
  • Donald's Jacket: Two firings make it plaid.

  • Limited Edition Backstamp: Each piece is crafted with a gold backstamp.

Production Changes:
  • Edition Limit: Limit was dropped from 7,500 to 5,000 numbered pieces due to production difficulties.

  • Rug Variations:

    1. Wheel Version: Smooth and painted two variations of green, with the second ring being the lighter in color.

    2. Clef Version: Textured and painted as if braided.  The first ring is green in color, the second ring is off-white in color.

  • Donald's Left Hand Variations:

    1. Wheel Version: 3rd finger does not stick out.

    2. Clef Version: 3rd finger sticks out.

Particulars: None.

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