Character: Goofy
Title: Goofy's Debut
Size: 7-1/2"
Item Number: 11K-41494-0 (Old)/1205237 (Current)
Sculptor: Patrick Romandy-Simmons
  • Eyeglasses: Glass lenses with metal frame.
  • Backstamp: All-new Gold Circle Dealer backstamp.
Production Changes: None.
  • Dippy Dawg final sculpture includes his eyeglasses not pictured in image above.  See below for a close-up image of the final sculpture that includes his eyeglasses.
  • Only available through participating Year 2000 Gold Circle Dealers.

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Final "Dippy Dawg" Sculpture
(includes eyeglasses as pictured in image above)

"Dippy Dawg" Backstamp