Character: Scrooge McDuck
Title: A Pool of Riches
Size: 4-3/4"
Item Number: 1230080
Sculptor: Bruce Lau
  • Glasses: Brass and acrylic.

  • Coins: Gold metallic paint.

  • Ankles:  Pewter.

Production Changes: None.
  • This sculpture captures Uncle Scrooge as he dives around his money like a porpoise - just as he does in the classic comic book stories by Disney artist Carl Barks.
  • Included with the Scrooge sculpture is a lithograph of the Carl Barks comic art that inspired it, from the classic 1952 story "Only a Poor Old Man" from the first issue of "Uncle Scrooge" (see below).

"Only a Poor Old Man" (1952)
Lithograph of the Carl Barks Comic Art