Size: 11-3/4"
Item Number: 4006765
  • Legs: Pewter.

  • Mary's Hand: Pewter.

  • Flowers on Hat: Pewter.

  • Parrot Handle on Umbrella: Pewter.

  • Umbrella Shaft: Wire.

  • Stopper Inside Umbrella: Wire.

  • Carpet Bag Handle: Wire.

Production Changes: None.
  • Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 3,500 available through all Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection dealers and the Walt Disney Theme Parks, March 23-25, 2007.

  • The umbrella top is a separate piece.  To attach the top of the umbrella to the handle, gently screw onto handle in a clockwise direction.  To avoid damage to sculpt, do not over-tighten.

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Postcards were either mailed to collectors by Authorized Dealers to announce their participation and/or included in either Sketches or Newsflash mailings by the Walt Disney Collectors Society

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Arribas Brothers Glass Penguin
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