Character: Pirate on Cannon (Mr. Coote)
Title: Peligro, Explosivos!
Size: 9-1/2" (height) x 13" (length) x 8" (base width)
Item Number: 4007937
Sculptor: Ruben Procopio
  • Pistol: Pewter.
  • Earrings: Brass.
  • Hooks at Cannon Trunnions and on Cannon Carriage: Metal.
  • Cannon Tube: The cannon tube is done in a finish which gives the porcelain a bronze look but it is not actually bronze.  It's a special effect done in the painting and firing process which gives the porcelain the appearance of metal.
Production Changes: None.
  • Special limited edition release in a series of sculptures based on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 500.
  • Registered guests of the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon had first opportunity to make Wish List requests for Pirate on the Cannon (Mr. Coote).
  • This arsenal scene appears at Disneyland® Park and some other Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at other Disney Theme Parks around the world, but not at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort.  The Pirate on the Cannon scene appears in the Disneyland® park attraction after the Jailhouse scene towards the end of the attraction in the Arsenal vignette.  
  • The series will include sculptures based on several vignettes from the original attraction (not from the 2006 redress featuring representations from the live action films). The series of sculptures will release exclusively at the Disney Theme Parks.