Character: Mulan and Khan
Title: Triumphant
Size: 9"
Item Number: 4001311
Sculptor: Dusty Horner
  • Reins and Rear Legs (Khan): Bronze.
  • Front legs and tail braid (Khan): Pewter.
  • Medallions (Mulan and Khan): Pewter.
  • Mulan's Sword: Pewter.
Production Changes: None.
  • A wood base enhances the beauty of the bronze finish and the quality of the pieces.
  • Mulan & Khan are one of the 1st releases in the Gallery Edition series.
  • Limited Edition of 500.  While the sculpture is indeed a Limited Edition of 500 worldwide, it is infact not individually numbered. The announcements stating that this sculpture would be numbered was unfortunately incorrect. Corrected Certificates of Authenticity were sent to retailers carrying this very limited edition.

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