Type of Release

Mickey Mouse "On Patrol" The Dognapper Open Edition
Herbie "Rarin' To Race" The Love Bug Disney Store/Gallery Store Exclusive

Numbered Limited Edition-2,500 pcs.

Scrooge McDuck "Ebenezer Scrooge" Mickey's Christmas Carol 2000 Parkwest/NALED Exclusive

Numbered Limited Edition-2,000 pcs.

Mickey Mouse "A Perfect Gent!" The Nifty Nineties 2001 Independent Dealer Exclusive
Minnie Mouse "A Lovely Lady" The Nifty Nineties 2002 Independent Dealer Exclusive
Grumpy "Hmph!, I Ain't Scared" Theme Park (Fantasyland)
Snow White's Scary Adventures
2001 WDAC Convention

Numbered Limited Edition (NLE)-750 pcs.

Bo Peep "I Found My Moving Buddy" Toy Story Open Edition
Buzz Lightyear "To Infinity and Beyond" Toy Story Open Edition
Hamm "It's Showtime" Toy Story Open Edition
Rex "I'm So Glad You're Not a Dinosaur" Toy Story Limited to Production Year 1998
Woody "I'm Still Andy's Favorite Toy" Toy Story Open Edition
Mr. Potato Head "That's MISTER Potato Head to You" Toy Story 2 Open Edition