Size: 6-3/8"
Item Number: 4007349


  • Body: Resin.
  • Propeller: Steel.
  • Steering Wheel: Pewter.
  • Tube: Brass.
  • Wheel Legs: Bronze.

Minnie Mouse

  • Legs: Pewter.
  • Tail: Brass Wire.


  • Paint: Monochrome theme as in original cartoon.
  • Charter Member Backstamp: Special backstamp commemorating the Society's 15th Birthday for Charter Members.
  • Inset Plaque on Base: Porcelain.
Production Changes: None.
  • First Flight was made available to Charter members in 2007 to celebrate fifteen (15) consecutive years as a member of the Society.

  • There will be another version (non-charter) for the 15-year consecutive Society Members that will not have the Charter Member backstamp and will have an altered inset plaque.

  • The sculpture is authentically portrayed in black and white, just as they appeared in the film, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever produced.