Size: Peter Pan & Tiger Lily 7-5/8"; Lost Boys 4-1/2"; Indian Chief 8"; Totem Pole 11" and the Darling Children 4" (Click on links for an enhanced view of each sculpture).
Item Number: 1236754
  • Peter Pan & Tiger Lily's Legs: Pewter.

  • Indian Plumes: Pewter.

  • Indian Chief's Pants (Edge): Pewter.

  • John's Glass Frames: Brass.

Production Changes: None.
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000.

  • Set includes a wood base (pictured above). The porcelain sculptures will NOT be attached to the wooden base--they will be removable. This will permit collectors to display the pieces either with the bases or without.

  • Sold as set only.

  • Each Signature Series sculpture set comes with two (2) signature cards. One will be signed by Kathryn Beaumont, the voice talent behind Wendy and the other signed by sculptor, Dusty Horner.