Character: Jiminy Cricket
Title: I Made Myself at Home
Size: 4-1/4"
Item Number: 1227473
Sculptor: Kent Melton
  • Bag Handle: Bronze.

  • Backstamp: Each sculpture has a commemorative 10th Anniversary backstamp.

Production Changes: None.
  • Who better to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Collector's Society than Jiminy Cricket from the beloved film "Pinocchio" (1940)? Appearing in 1993 as the original Membership Gift Sculpture, the little cricket with the big personality is back by popular demand.

  • Jiminy Cricket was the Member Gift Sculpture for those collectors who joined and/or renewed the Walt Disney Collectors Society in 2003.

  • Edition closed 12/31/03.

Additional Member Benefits:

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  • A fine art print (pictured at left) of the original animation drawing that inspired this year's Walt Disney Collectors Society sculpture was sent to collectors upon processing of a new membership and/or renewal.

  • Cloisonné Membership pin (pictured at left) and personalized Membership Card.

  • Each kit comes with a Keepsake Commemorative Coin featuring Jiminy Cricket and the Society 10th anniversary logo (pictured at left).